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The most important book in Ufology in the last 20 years. Jesse Randolph Singer, UFONAUT Radio
The official homepage of the book UFO Highway written by Anthony F. Sanchez. Get the book UFO Highway. Read excerpts from the book UFO Highway. Learn more about author and researcher Anthony F. Sanchez. Stay on top of the latest news and updates from Anthony F. Sanchez author of UFO Highway. Get the real information and truth that the main stream Illuminati controlled media is hiding from you.

The information is rare, shocking and necessary and it is time for the truth to be revealed. Sanchez's interview with the mysterious Colonel "X" covers the Dulce Base, but also tells us about the true history of mankind, the Greys, Anunnaki, Illuminati and more. If anyone wants to know what is really going on with all intriguing mysteries, then this is the book to read. I could not put it down, and read parts over and over; a rich masterpiece of a page turner.

Leslie S. Mitts ( Review)

In terms of content... impeccable, fascinating and supremely well researched. The conclusions are well supported and Anthony is an extremely clear and concise writer who thinks about the reader and what they need from him. It is an intelligent piece of work that talks up to the reader, yet makes complex science very easy to comprehend.

MUFON State Section Director
(Sacramento County), Host of UFO Connections

I was shocked and enlightened in a good and scary way by the revelations of this book. A Must Read for anyone curious about underground installations and our borrowed technology in exchange for human and animal resources via abduction and for mutilation.

L. Alex ( Review)


Interview with Anthony F. Sanchez - Software Engineer, UFO Researcher, author of UFO HIGHWAY.

Anthony shares his experiences investigating UFOs and discovering the possible location of ventilation shafts for a deep underground military base at the Jicarilla Apache Nation, on the Archuleta Mesa, near Dulce New Mexico.

This interview was recorded on January 20, 2012

TWO NEW VIDEOS, now posted in the Beneath The Ground section.

BUZZSAW TV w/ SEAN STONE - August 30, 2014

Sean Stone interviews UFO and Alien researcher Anthony Sanchez who discusses his own experience with extraterrestrials, as well as the UFO highway in New Mexico that includes the secret Dulce military base.

We look at the Greys, and “fish people” of the Dogon cosmology, and see how humans are a genetic copy of alien blueprints in this uncensored Buzzsaw that explores the mysteries of the cosmos on Earth, hosted by Sean Stone.

August 11, 2014
Alien Hybrids - Linda Moulton Howe, Contact in the Desert

Linda Moulton Howe and Anthony Sanchez reveal the secret history of hybrids on Earth, who came from the Sirius star system by way of Mars. The Progenitors created a hybrid race, the Anunnaki which could not survive well on Earth, and had to be replaced with the Astro Albas, "tall whites" and their offspring, who now have much wealth and power, and maintain a distinctive DNA. They are still vulnerable to disease and excessive sunshine. This is an important excerpt from her presentation at 2014 Contact in the Desert.


interviewed by Linda Moulton Howe for Coast to Coast AM 'EarthFiles Segment')

Earthfiles investigative reporter, Linda Moulton Howe, presented data from an interview with UFO researcher Anthony Sanchez, who revealed ET insights imparted to him by a retired USAF Lt. Colonel. Sanchez recalled that the man claimed to have worked on a weapons system which utilized a guidance system composed of "self-replicating, self-repairable nanosatellites" that possessed artificial intelligence and integrated technology provided to the US government by aliens.

The purpose of the weapons system, the colonel told Sanchez, is to target incoming objects from space with an eye on defending the United States in a "forthcoming space war" against ET-human hybrids that are currently working with the Chinese government. Sanchez went on to detail how the conflict is due to a schism which arose in ancient times when the Annunaki came to Earth and created a human-ET hybrid species.

COAST TO COAST AM, DULCE BASE - November 15, 2011

w/ George Noory (Coast to Coast AM)

George Noory sat with Software engineer and UFO researcher, Anthony F. Sanchez, who presented details about an underground base in Dulce, New Mexico, and its connection to the Greys. Much of his information comes from "Colonel X," a retired military whistleblower, who wishes to remain to anonymous. Col. X told him he was assigned to work at the Dulce base after a 1979 breech in which the military battled the Greys over the human abduction issue, and many people involved in the fight ended up missing or dead. (The violent engagement concurs with the late Phil Schneider's account-- Col. X claims to have met with Schneider).

The Greys are actually not aliens; they were created by a progenitor race here on Earth around 25,000 years ago, Sanchez explained. The Greys are still working out of the Dulce base, as well as at the Pine Gap underground base in Australia, he said. Currently at Dulce, there's conventional weapons development using plasma nuclear technology, bio-experimentation that accounts for the cattle and animal mutilations, and genetic testing that relates to human abductions in the area, he continued.

Bill Birnes appeared briefly to share some of his research into the Dulce base. For his UFO Hunters series, he interviewed police officer Gabe Valdez, who didn't believe aliens were there, but there were strange experiments taking place-- for example, a cow's body with a human head attached to it was found at one point.

Rio Arriba Scientific & Technological Underground Auxiliary, Dulce NM.

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