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The official homepage of the book UFO Highway written by Anthony F. Sanchez. Get the book UFO Highway. Read excerpts from the book UFO Highway. Learn more about author and researcher Anthony F. Sanchez. Stay on top of the latest news and updates from Anthony F. Sanchez author of UFO Highway. Get the real information and truth that the main stream Illuminati controlled media is hiding from you.


Anthony F. Sanchez and Ric Prestel filmed with The Travel Channel for an upcoming Fall episode of "Mysteries at the National Parks". The guys were in Central California with the production crew on April 4th fliming at a beautiful location to discuss UFOs, Alient Technology and more. As soon as details are officially announced by the Travel Channel we will post all the relevant information right here on UFO HIGHWAY.

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The Dulce Base UFO Conference is being brought to you by the Apache Indigenous Defenders, Inc. (AID, Inc.), a non profit organization doing business on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation. The creation of conference stem from the UFO and Dulce Base enthusiasts and theorists regarding the alleged Dulce Base located in the bowels of Archuleta Mesa just north of the town of Dulce, New Mexico.

AID, Inc. has the full support of the Jicarilla Apache Nation and promises to be an event even the skeptic will appreciate as well-known journalist and investigator Linda Moulton Howe will kick off the event by sharing her most convincing research in the area of ufos, aliens and the Dulce Base. She is the editor of earth files : Other speakers and presenters include Greg Valdez, author Dulce Base: The Truth and Evidence of the Case Files of Gabe Valdez, Anthony Sanchez, author UFO Highway, and Anthony DellaFlora, author producer "High Strange New Mexico". Not only will the event spotlight well known researchers and journalists, a Native American flavor is a part of the program. Zuni Pueblo and medicine man Clifford Mahooty will share ancient stories of aliens and their connection to Native Americans. A panel of local community members will speak to their personal experiences that are many and frequent among the Jicarilla Apache who live on the reservation.

As the event draws near, information about optional guided tours to the top of Archuleta Mesa will be available on the website. What's more, a UFO Run is planned for the long distance and athletic runner. Running through trails seeing some wildlife is a lot different from running in urban areas. Elevations span 7,500 feet to above 9,000 feet above sea level.

There is plenty of time to plan your visit to the Jicarilla Apache Reservation as the event is scheduled for May 14 & 15, 2016.

Updates can seen on the website as invited speakers are confirmed and other local events are organized.


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