Search For Truth Interview with Walter Nowasad

Interview with Anthony F. Sanchez - Software Engineer, UFO Researcher, author of UFO HIGHWAY. Anthony shares his experiences investigating UFOs and discovering the possible location of ventilation shafts for a deep underground military base at the Jicarilla Apache Nation, on the Archuleta Mesa, near Dulce New Mexico.

  • 5:13 Have you ever worked for a government agency?
  • 6:22 How did you get started in UFO research?
  • 8:50 What can you tell us about Project LEONID?
  • 20:56 Are you being targeted?
  • 26:09 What is the legacy you want to leave behind?
  • 27:03 Do you think people are more open to this kind of information?
  • 28:11 What are you not telling us that you think people ought to know?
  • 34:16 When ET arrives, what will be their message; and, will we be in a better place?
  • 36:07 An additional story about the truth being actively suppressed.
  • In terms of content... impeccable, fascinating and supremely well researched. The conclusions are well supported and Anthony is an extremely clear and concise writer who thinks about the reader and what they need from him. It is an intelligent piece of work that talks up to the reader, yet makes complex science very easy to comprehend. CYNTHIA SIEGEL, M.A., M.S.
    MUFON State Section Director
    (Sacramento County), Host of UFO Connections
    "UFO HIGHWAY: The Dulce Interview, Human Origins, HAARP & Project Blue Beam."
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